When should a senior citizen file for bankruptcy? – Haltom City

Many retired Americans are swamped in consumer debt, and many are forced to file for bankruptcy as a result. How do senior citizens who have always paid their bills on time, and have taken pride in having an excellent credit records get to the point that they need bankruptcy protection?

One big concern for senior adults are skyrocketing health care costs and expensive prescription drugs. These expenses quickly add up and deplete the senior’s savings accounts. Moreover, these health care related bills force many seniors to “rack up” their credit card bills simply to stay alive.

Many seniors erroneously believed that their retirement could be financed solely on their Social Security benefits.  They have learned a hard lesson that they did not adequately plan for their “golden years.” Family dynamics also often impact on the financial health of many seniors. Some retirees are drained financially by their adult children who still need them for financial assistance. Meanwhile, other seniors often face financial ruin when their spouse passes away.

Older Americans can have trouble getting adequate medical insurance coverage. Moreover, many seniors health plans do not cover prescription drugs. Many are forced to use their credit cards to pay for their medical treatment and for prescription drugs.  Whatever the cause, many older Americans are finding themselves in serious financial turmoil, and they are turning to the bankruptcy courts for relief from the debts that are now overwhelming them.

Seniors who are in financial trouble are frequently very embarrassed, and they don’t know how to get help even if they have the courage to tell someone. Adult children often don’t know that their parents are hooked  on credit cards,  and that their finances are spiraling out of control. Unsolicited credit card offers flood mailboxes of consumers all over America and prey on the vulnerable. When older people are unable to make ends meat any other way, they often accept these offers and quickly max out the cards, and they never realize that the high interest rates on these cards are “eating them alive.” As they accept more offers and try to keep up with minimum payments on the accounts, the debt continues to grow.