Bankruptcy Attorney

Do I Need A Bankruptcy Attorney? – Weatherford, Texas

All Chapters under the Bankruptcy Code are a complicated processes. An individual contemplating bankruptcy should consult and retain an experienced bankruptcy attorney to handle their case.

Debtor’s attorney’s fees are also considered priority debt. Most attorneys will include a portion of your fees to be paid under your Chapter 13 Plan. With a few exceptions, the attorney fees will be paid first before other creditors. Attorney fees for filing your bankruptcy are closely monitored by the United States Justice Department. So the cost for an attorney should vary very little between law firms. If an attorney is asking more or less than the normal price in your area, you should be aware that you may be hiring an attorney who may be out of business soon.

Make sure you have access to an attorney for your consultation and phone conversations. Hiring an attorney is definitely an area where the buyer beware rule should be applied.

Small Estates

Most people seeking legal advice do so in response to a serious problem for which they need immediate help. Seeing an attorney often happens during the most stress-filled time in a person’s life.

To avoid wasted time and added stress, arrive prepared for a productive consultation. Preparation helps you to make a clear presentation of your situation; to focus on the issues and questions that are important to you; and to …